Nara's Extinct Exploring with Josh/Fighters Collaboration Hoodie

Nara's Extinct Exploring with Josh/Fighters Collaboration Hoodie

Naras’s Extinct!

The collaboration everyone has been waiting for….

Exploring with Josh meets Exploring with Fighters in this monumental mash up of the iconic Nara Dreamland and Extinction designs.


The Extinction design is all about time and not to waste it, With the Anglo-Saxon symbol for time and runes spelling time, Deaths hands surrounding the hourglass representing the sentence we all unknowing have. This time we have should not be wasted.Nars’s Extinct

Nara Dreamland has now been demolished…. it’s time has come to an end. So it seems very fitting for The Extinction design to meet the original Nara design. This mash is a once in a lifetime collaboration limited to a 100 of each colour.

(Black and White available from Josh)

(Black and Yellow available from Dan)



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Exploring with Fighters joined YouTube in January of 2017 and have  amassed a huge following while traveling amazing destinations around the globe.

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